Terms & Definitions

For the purpose of clarification for the website as well as the various links to Gallup information, the following are a glossary of the most commonly used terms:

TALENT: A natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving. The greater the intensity of the talent, the greater its power, and the greater your opportunity for success.

THEME: A category of talents. Themes help you begin to discover and talk about your  greatest talents. Decades of Gallup research have shown that the talents most related to potential for success can be grouped into 34 themes.

SKILL: The basic ability to move through the fundamental steps of a task. Skill can be acquired through formal or informal training.

KNOWLEDGE: What you know. Knowledge can be acquired through formal or informal education.

PRACTICE:  The time spent working, exercising, and applying your skills, knowledge, and talent to achieve proficiency. A person can invest their talents through practice.

STRENGTH: The ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in a specific task. To finish with strength, start with talent. 

The Secret Formula  ►  Talent X Investment (Skill + Knowledge) = STRENGTH