Applying Strengths

Application of Strengths       




If you want to use your talents productively, you need to invest in them through the application of skills (basic abilities), knowledge (what you know), and practice. This is what propels your talent into a strength - that is, the ability to consistently produce a specific positive outcome. God has given each of us particular talents, which we are called to use well.  When we apply our talents in our daily lives, we are living in the way God created us to be.  


To help make the most of building talents into strengths, the Catholic Strengths Institute,  connects you to the many resources of the Gallup organization (and the CliftonStrengths® assessment) to provide you with basic tools and information we hope will help you explore and build upon your talents for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth.


Once you obtain your top five Signature Themes we invite you to ask yourself how can you add to your current knowledge and skills and apply these to your talents themes to truly make it a 'strength.' We recommend you begin this process by visiting the Strengths 'Lab' tab within this website and encourage you to explore all its sections, as well as the many educational links embedded throughout the site.



                       The Study of Strengths Leads to an Understanding of the

Difference Between Good and GREAT